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“Your Worth Is Not Guessed, It’s Understood…


Yes You’re Worth It (YYWI) is an organization where all women are welcomed to come and express themselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually without being critically judged. As a result, there has been a widespread of testimonials from women of all ages and walks of life to validate how YYWI provides a safe haven for women to engage in healthy dialogue. Therefore, YYWI creates an environment where every female can truly “let her hair down.” If a female is battling low self-esteem, YYWI can, will, and must help her boost her self-esteem. If a female is having difficulty identifying her God-given worth, YYWI can, will, and must help her acknowledge her worth. If a female is afraid to fulfill her worthiness, YYWI can, will, and must help her step into her destiny. Thus, YYWI has a diverse group of women who are eager to help women define their worth. YYWI believes EVERY WOMAN CAN, WILL, and MUST know her WORTH.

WEW 2018

Women Empowerment Weekend

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I measure my worth by who I am in Christ Jesus!! I am a child of the Most High King. I am made in His image!!! He has great thoughts towards me!! I hope that wasn’t too deep but that’s how I feel. I’m just saying! I’m a daughter of The King!!! My worth cannot be measured

Chantaye August 23, 2016



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